Wine tourism and gourmet holidays

With eight vineyard appellations, stunning scenery and many culinary specialities, the Lake Geneva Region is Switzerland’s wine tourism and gourmet holiday capital. Enjoy, savour and greet the producers: these are the key words for a perfect wine tourism holiday.

A recent form of rural tourism, wine tourism is born of the desire of wine makers to share their passion and the curiosity of wine enthusiasts. These lovers of fine things delight in wine tastings, gourmet meals, relaxing walks and cultural experiences and with all these riches available in one area, the Lake Geneva Region has naturally become Switzerland’s wine tourism capital.

The region has eight appellations producing a wide variety of wines in beautiful natural settings. With its vineyard terraces plunging into Lake Geneva and listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, Lavaux is the most famous, but each region has its attractions which can be discovered along marked paths – the equivalent of the wine routes. Along these trails, gourmets can learn, enjoy and savour grape varieties such as chasselas, the predominant white wine served on all good tables.

UNESCO-listed Lavaux vineyard terraces © HP Siffert /
UNESCO-listed Lavaux vineyard terraces ©OTV
UNESCO-listed Lavaux vineyard terraces ©Alain Jarne
UNESCO-listed Lavaux vineyard terraces © Alain Jarne
Lavaux Vinorama ©LavauxVinorama
Lavaux Vinorama © J-F Gailloud
Château d’Aigle Vine and Wine Museum © Château d'Aigle
Château d’Aigle Vine and Wine Museum © Château d'Aigle
Brotherhood of Winegrowers Museum © Musée de la Confrérie des Vignerons
La Côte Vineyard Route © OTV
La Côte Vineyard Route © Marc Baertsch
Lavaux Express © Lavaux Express
Lavaux Express © Lavaux Express
Lavaux Panoramic © Montreux Riviera
Train des Vignes train ride Vevey-Puidoux © / Marcus Gyger
The "Maison des Terroirs" © OT - MdT Grandson
Dézaley Grand Cru AOC © Régis Colombo -
Vully AOC © MC Freddy
Côtes de l'Orbe AOC © Claude Jaccard /
Côtes de l'Orbe AOC © Claude Jaccard /
La Côte AOC © OTV
La Côte AOC © Peter Colberg
Lavaux AOC © Marcus Gygax
Lavaux AOC © HP Siffert /
Calamin Grand Cru AOC © Samuel Bitton
Bonvillars AOC © Stephan Engler
Bonvillars AOC © Office du Tourisme d'Yverdon-les-Bains
Chablais AOC © José Crespo
Chablais AOC © Studio Patrick Jantet



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