Aigle Adventure Park

Open from Easter to the end of October, the Aigle Adventure Park is the place for all thrill-seekers. At the foot of the Alps, near the Château d’Aigle, the park can be accessed by car or on foot, for an exciting family day out!

The Aigle Adventure Park welcomes children and adults for a 3-hour adventure in the Fahy forest overlooking the Rhône valley.

After a safety briefing and being fitted with a harness and carabiners, the more adventurous can travel through 2 hectares of forest 15 metres from the ground, moving from tree to tree on mobile rope walkways, wobbly bridges and narrow platforms.

For maximum thrills, budding Tarzans can fly through the air on two giant 250m zip lines! Less daring Squirrels have the choice between 11 circuits of different levels of difficulty, with more than 200 obstacles and lots of surprises. Especially designed for mini-adventurers, there are three purple circuits fitted with a continual life line so little ones from the age of 4 can have fun too.
Aigle Adventure Park © Parc Aventure Aigle

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