Nyon Castle

Overlooking the city and Lake Geneva, the castle of Nyon houses the Museum of History and Porcelain, showing magnificent pieces from the old Nyon manufacture. Its centuries-old walls also contain a period prison, a vault and a wedding hall.

Upon entering the museum of the castle of Nyon, visitors discover beautiful porcelain pieces, which were made in the old Nyon manufacture between 1781 and 1813. The collections also feature historical objects from the region. The impressive attic contains the old prison cells used until 1979 and kept unchanged ever since – with their walls covered with messages. The people in charge of the museum regularly organise temporary exhibitions and attractive events.

The public also has access to the winegrowers’ cellar, which can be rented for gastronomic theme evenings, a wedding hall and outdoor areas with views of the Alps and Lake Geneva.

This castle, a Romanesque fortress, was built by the Cossonay-Prangins family in the middle of the 12th century. It changed its look over time and according to its various owners: the counts of Savoy in the 14th century, the Bernese in the 16th century and, finally, the town of Nyon in 2006.
 Château de Nyon

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